Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Here's what a soldier in Afghanistan has to say about the easiest $200 he's ever saved...

How would you like to get an email notification that the price of your cruise came down, and your travel agent has re-fared you to the new lower rate, saving you $200 off the price of your cruise?!!  

That's what just happened to Ryan H.        Read his review of Military Cruise Deals below. 

"I just finished booking a cruise through Military Cruise Deals while stationed in Afghanistan, and I couldn't be happier with the service I have received. 

Their customer support was spot-on with friendly, quick and accurate replies to all of my inquiries. They also kept a keen eye out of price drops for my cruise. 

On more than one occasion I received an e-mail from them stating that the price for my cruise had gone down! 

There's no doubt in my mind, I will be using Military Cruise Deals to book my next cruise."

Ryan's experience is not unusual. We are the only travel agency that:

a.  has the technology to monitor all our client's cruise rates around the clock, and get notified the moment the cruise line drops a rate,

b. and has the willingness to re-fare the cruise rate to the new lower one, even though it means we get less commission! 

Truly, thousands of military families have trusted us to book their vacations, and you can too. To read more reviews, click here! 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Did you see that show about the nightmare resort stay? Here's how to make sure that doesn't happen to you.

Last Wednesday night on TV a show called The Lookout had a segment on all-inclusive resorts in Puerto Vallarta.

They featured a resort whose website claimed to have swim up bars and six different eating options, snorkeling and kayaking, all included in the price.

But it didn't. Worse, it was broken down, dirty and they even captured a brazen bed bug who was crawling around on the bed in the camera man's room.

Here's how you can avoid that!

We, (the owners of Military Resort Deals and Military Cruise Deals) regularly take trips to Mexico and the Caribbean to tour as many hotels and resorts as we can; to see these places for ourselves before we recommend them to our clients.

We've seen hundreds of all-inclusive resorts and are due to see many more this year. (We're exhausted and have enormous dog-sitting bills.)

So when you book a resort with us, you don't have to rely on the pictures you see online and just cross your fingers that it's all not a big lie.

You can pick up the phone and ask us! We'll have a nice long chat and tell you what we recently saw with our own eyes! There are many resorts we found on line which looked fine, but once we toured them, we X'd them off our list as entirely unacceptable, except maybe for groups of impoverished, 18-year-old boys looking to escape the U.S. drinking-age limit.

Here's a few of the pictures we took at resorts this past year.

That's your head travel agent Mitch taking pictures of the AH-mazing Secrets of the Vine in Cancun. 

We were stunned by the perfection and beauty of this brand-new resort.

We'd recommend this place to a Royal Saudi Sheik or any nice couple from Kansas. (It's adults only.)

Yes, there's your travel agent Mitch, hard at work evaluating the leg room in a jacuzzi tub at the Moon Palace Resort in Cancun.

Guess what - we don't recommend Moon Palace! Compared to all the other options available at a similar price, this place wasn't good enough.

Here's Mitch at one of several clean, well-staffed and well-stocked swim up bars at Sandals all-inclusive resort in the Bahamas.

It's only 9:30 in the morning, but we had to order a drink to get this picture to prove our point, you know.

Here he is on Sandals' private island in Nassau. Look at that perfect beach!

See...we know what we're talking about. Let us help you choose the best all-inclusive resort for you. 

Start your all-inclusive resort search at or just call us 866-964-5482.